Finding the Perfect Place to Hike


Finding the Perfect Place to Hike

If you are like me, then you LOVE to hike! In fact you love to hike so much that you are spending a lot of time trying to find new places to hike, and are trying to find ways to find new trails!

When it comes to hiking I personally like to do these 2 things that will allow you to find that next best trail!

1. Pick up a Trail Book

This may seem rudimentary…however trail books can allow you to find trails that you might have not found on the internet. The books I like to use are the ones that you can find at your local library.

I say this, because they will have the most relevant information for the trails in your area, because you don’t want a book that covers trails in Missouri when you live in Washington. Now that would be useless.

2. Search the Internet for Trails


Now… I personally like to join and search forums for what trails are in my local area, the reason being is because the comments are from people who have been on those trails and can give you some background info on them.

Websites That Have Trails

However you can also just type in “trails in (your local area)” and this will most likely bring up websites that can show you the trails that are in your local area!

The beauty of this as well, is that most of the time there will be reviews of the trails, and how difficult they will be. (If you are inexperienced don’t do a 5 mile hike… it will make you so sore!)

So there you guys have it, you can find trails by either…

A. Checking out a trail book in your local library


B. Searching the internet via forums or websites that have trail locations

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