How to Choose Your Next Knife

When choosing a knife you need to think about a few things…

  1. The weight
  2. The length
  3. Sharpness & the metal it was formed from
  4. How long it holds it edge
  5. The price
  6. Who created it

Why does the weight matter?

Well weight has a lot to do with your knife. It it to heavy for you, or it is does not have good balance due to a lack of a bolster then you may be in trouble. It is good to pick up the knife and get a good feel for it before you use it.

A knife that it so to heavy for you is not a good knife. I tend to find that getting a knife between 5-12 ounces tends to be okay, but after that it can become to be en-cumbersome. Overall I think that weight can either make or break a knife. Because if it is to heavy you will never use it, or if you do it is for short amounts of time.

So make sure to grab something lightweight.

How to judge sharpness?

Well with knives you want something that is sharp, because a sharp knife is a safe knife. (I know sounds odd, but more people get hurt by dull knives)  Anyways, you want to gently run your finger against the edge of the knife before you purchase it. The things you are looking out for is if it leaves a small line in your and if it feels smooth.

If it leaves a line in your hand and it feels smooth, then you have a winner. I mean don’t press to hard cause it can cut you… OR you can always bring paper, and if it cuts the paper very easily then you have a winner.

Length and why does it matter?

Well depending on the job, you may want a shorter or longer knife. I mean, if you want a chef knife, you may want something over 8 inches, but if you want a skinning knife then you may want something 4 inches or under.

Length has a lot to do with how well it can be guided and the maneuverability of it. Longer knives tend to be harder to do more angles and quick turns with, while shorter knives don’t cover as much area.

So length is definitely an important factor when it comes to choosing a knife.

How long can it hold its edge?

This tends to be overlooked… but if you have a sharp knife, but it can’t hold its edge then it sucks. I mean, come on! You don’t want to have to sharpen your knife every single time you use it… You can always ask about the metal that the knife was created from because hardness of the steel and grade of the steel plays a big factor in how long it can hold it’s edge.

Lower quality = Not as long edge

Higher quality = Longer time holding edge

Harder steels = can chip easier

Softer steels = not brittle thus not breaking as much as hard steels

Why does the price and who make it matter?

I mean, some knives are overpriced, however prices tend to align with the quality of the knife. As long as you see that a manufacturer has a long running reputation for making great knives, then I believe the price is justified.

I mean think about Wusthof or Ken Onion, they have been making knives for a long time, and their knives tend to run higher because…

  1. They product quality knives
  2. They are experienced in knife making
  3. A higher quality knife made from higher quality materials

I mean think about it, you get what you pay for.

$10 knife = not so good

$100 knife = Probably will be a damn fine knife (as long as you read reviews and know that it was made with full integrity and super quality materials)

If you are needing more info about knives then you can check this website out!

So there you have it, some tips on how to choose a knife!

Till next time!

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