Important Factors That Make A Good Fishing Rod

Fishing is an old tradition that makes the perfect hobby. A lot of people have been going fishing just to get away from the busy life and this has become a perfect way to unwind and relieve stress anytime. Although fishing is magical, the pleasure associated with it can never be complete without the right gear. In light of this factor, choosing the right fishing pole is just as important as fishing itself. Ultimately, how good fishing will feel and how fun it can get is all down to the quality of the fishing equipment you are using.  There are so many fishing rods and reel combos in the market all of which differ in the price and in the functionality aspect. Accordingly, you need to understand the different factors that you must always consider before buying the rods and combos of your choice.

Types of Fishing Reels

The idea of buying a fishing rod and reel combos is basically designed to give you a simple way to use quality fishing equipment that has already been assembled on your behalf by an expert. In other words, the rod and the reel combos are ready to go. Here are three of the major types of fishing reel combos:

• A Spin Cast Reel: The spin cast reel is one of the most easy to use reels and even though anyone is welcome to use it, it is perfect for kids. All the major parts of the reel combo are enclosed very well and the line only comes out through a small opening.

• The Bait Casting Reel: The spool of the bait casting reel actually turns when you are casting and is not easy to master. However, if you practice and learn how to use it, it is one of the most accurate reels you can get.

• The Spinning Reels: Well, the spinning real is just the average of the two. While it’s not that difficult to master, its accuracy is also not that good albeit it’s better than the spin cast reel. In any case though, it is still a unique and quality reel combo that will work very well.

Depending on the kind of fishing you want and the size of fish you intend to catch, these three reel combos have their own advantages. In that case, make a decision based on your  needs and fishing preferences.

What to Consider When Buying Reel Combos and Fishing Rods

If you are in the market for new fishing rods and reel combos, your aim must be to find an affordable option that will work well for you once you are out there fishing. It’s so easy to go to the store and pick the very first rod you see but that is not always a good idea. Here are some of the main factors you need to consider when buying fishing rods and combo reels.

• The Type of Fishing You Are Targeting: There are two broad categories of fishing: fresh water fishing and saltwater fishing. The salty water has a number of components that may corrode metal. As such, if you are targeting saltwater fishing, you need reel combos and rods that are specifically designed for such an environment. Although you can still use freshwater combos in salty waters, they will get damaged very fast, especially if you don’t know the right maintenance practices. Additionally, don’t also forget to consider the size of fish you want. After all, you can’t really go for big game without big guns. If you want to catch big fish, try stronger and advanced reels and rods that are specifically designed for these purposes.

• How Much Are You Willing To Spend: It is obvious that different fishing rods and reel combos cost differently. If you are looking for a stronger and more advanced rod, perhaps you will need to pay more; however, what matters is how much money you are ready to spend. So set aside your budget and go in search of the right rods and reel combos that will match your financial budget. The Mitchell 300 Pro Spinning Rod pictured above, is a great rod for anyone who truly enjoys fishing and has the ability to spend a little more money. While the Shakespeare Amphibian pictured below, is also a good combo but at the opposite end of the price spectrum geared more to the youth angler.

• What Kind Of Reel Do You Prefer: There are different types of reels you can explore when buying reel combos. You may prefer bait casting, spinning or closed bail. When you decide to use a bait casting, setting it up will need a little more skill and even a little more time. However, the system has a better drag system. As for people who want a simple and user friendly reel, the spinning reel is a better choice.  The same is also true for the closed bail which is actually ideal for kids. Depending on the person you are going to fishing with and the type of fish you want to catch, make sure you choose the right system.

What Attributes Defines the Right Fishing Rods and Reel Combos

The type of fishing rod you buy will surely depend on what you are looking for. However, there are some common universal factors that will in most cases define a good rod. Here is an overview of some of these factors:

• Affordability: A lot of people are today very conscious on the amount of money they spend on fishing rods and reel combos. With that point in mind, one of the most important factors that define a good rod and reel combo is affordability. This simply means that you must look at the price tag of the rods you want to buy to ensure that you can afford it without hurting your pocket or altering your budget too much.

• Easy Maintenance: Of course if you are doing fishing as a hobby, you are not expected to be out in the waters every day. So at some point you will need to store up the rod and the reel combos somewhere for your next adventure. With this point well noted, you must try your best to only find rods and reels that can be easily maintained. This means that it will be cheaper and easier for you to store the combos and the rod without worrying about any damage.

• Ease Of Use: Different types of fishing rods and reel combos are designed differently and while some may be easy to use for others, some may not. So it all depends on you. The rod you choose must be perfect for your use/needs. You must find it comfortable and easy to cast and use. Ultimately, this will not only contribute to the fun and excitement of the fishing experience but will surely ensure that you catch the fish you are looking for.

• Durability: It is also not wise to buy rods and reel combos that don’t match the kind of fish you are looking to catch. In most cases, different rods can withstand a specific size of fish; so in case you are after big sizes, you may want to consider buying strong and durable rods. In addition to this, strong rods tend to last longer and therefore offer good value for money. Besides, you don’t have to always replace your fishing rods or reel combos every time you want to go fishing since it can turn out to be quite expensive.

Fishing is a very adventurous activity and whether you intend to do it alone or in the company of your family and friends, the ultimate experience is so rewarding. However, in order to enjoy your time on the river or the lake, you cannot afford to buy the wrong fishing tools. Although making the decision on which rods and reel combos are perfect for you can be a challenging task, when you sit down and understand what you need then going all out and finding it is a far much easier undertaking. The guide above on what makes a good fishing pole can help you to at least make the right start in your search for quality rods and reel combos.

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