Smart Hunting – Fishing via Smart Technology

Smart Hunting and Fishing via Smart Technology

One of the reasons people hunt is to escape their everyday life and stresses, often using it as a reason to leave their phone, tablets and other electronics behind. But there is no avoiding the fact that going off the grid, even for a few hours, is getting harder and harder so maybe it is time to embrace technology and use it to hunt better, hunt smarter.

I do not hunt and fish to feed my family or even to bag trophies to decorate my walls. I hunt and fish for one reason and that is to escape the everyday stresses through a connection with nature. Unfortunately I find it increasingly difficult o simply disappear into the wild , cut off from the real world completely. Family responsibilities, work duties and the increasing need to be available at a moment’s notice makes it unrealistic to leave my Smart Phone behind for even a short time. So, like many other outdoorsmen I find my phone has become a standard part of my field gear. I have also decided that if I am going to carry my phone I might as well use it to my advantage by bettering my hunting and fishing. Here are some of the ways you can use your phone to make your hunting and fishing experience better and more memorable.

1. Standard Apps – your smart phone comes equipped with many standard features the outdoorsman can use to their advantage including GPS, weather tracker, clock and excellent camera for capturing your experiences.
2. Agency Apps – many Fish & Game agencies have release free or low cost apps to allow sportsmen access to up to date regulations, maps of public land, sunrise/sunset times and even the ability to purchase licenses or tags.
3. Smarter Trail Cameras – over the last few years trail camera manufactuerers have embraced smart phone technology and many know offer devices with the ability to connect directly to your phone or tablet. Hunters can now control cameras from anywhere, view pictures real time and even track missing units via a GPS signal.
4. S.O.S – there is no avoiding the fact that occasionally enjoying the outdoors means falling victim to unforeseen accidents. There was a time when even the smallest injury could mean life threatening danger simply because it meant you were on your own, now there are several apps available to allow outdoorsmen to send a request for help with the push of a single button.
5. Passing time – its called hunting and not shooting for a reason and that means a good deal of time is spent waiting. Anyone who has sat for hours without a single sighting or nibble knows each minute seems to get harder and harder to endure, the temptation to pack it in stronger and stronger. One way to resist this is by making time pass quicker by doing something else and your phone allows just such a distraction. You can know play a quick game of poker, read your favorite magazine or even check what trophies your friends are posting to social media while waiting for your own trophy to appear.

Some of the apps we personally like to use include the drop hook fishing app and onXmaps Hunt. Both of these can be located below at their respective links.

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