Ways to Revive Your Knife

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When it comes to knives, we want something that is sharp, and durable… and sometimes we have knives that we have had for a long time, but they have grown old and dull. But we keep it around, because it was either our first knife or because we love the design of it.

Well I am here to tell you that you don’t have to throw away your old knives, and you can instead sharpen them these certain ways to make them feel and look new again!

What You Need to Revive Your Knife

When it comes to sharpening you need a knife sharpening system that has 3 stages, or if you are using a manual sharpener such as a ceramic or steel rod, or whet stone then you need to use sandpaper before hand to knock off any debris or rust.

Electric Knife Sharpeners that Work

When it comes to electric knife sharpeners you do sacrifice some customization, however the chef’s choice 130 comes with a 3 stage sharpening system that allows you to not only sharpen your knives but revive old knives.

  • 1st stage = Knocking off built up debris and rust (a more coarse stone is used here)
  • 2nd stage = Sharpening and edging of the blade (less coarse stone is used here)
  • 3rd stage = Adding finishing touches and polishing the blade to make it look good

Normally electric knife sharpeners are a bit more pricey, but are better for convenience, and can definitely make your old knife look brand new.

Manual Sharpeners And Why They Work

Manual sharpeners have been around for a long time, and are one of the go-to sources for sharpening your knives. They do come in many forms such as…

  • Sharpening rods
  • Whet stones (sharpening stones)
  • Knife hones

When using a manual sharpener you will first want to use an abrasive material such as sandpaper, to knock off any built up debris and rust on your knife. You can’t sharpen a knife if you have a bunch of junk on it… it would be like the same as polishing your car when it’s dirty.

Secondly, you will want to use your knife sharpener, and if you use a sharpening stone then they do require lubricant (vegetable oil is fine) or depending if you are using a diamond or Japanese style stone, then water will do just fine.

Thirdly, you are going to want to make sure that you sharpen the knife in the right direction that sharpens the edge of the knife. If you sharpen your knife at a wrong angle it can lead to you ruining the blade or changing how it cuts. You can always read more here about how to find angles in your knife blade.

Overall, it is important to find the best knife sharpener out there because if you purchase a cheap, low quality sharpener then you will get poor results.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this post, if so give it a share and good luck with sharpening your old knives!

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